USA Pavilion, World Expo 2012

Yeosu, Korea


The World Expo

THG is proud to have been the designer and producer of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2012, in Yeosu, Korea. THG was selected by Philippe Cousteau and his non-profit EarthEcho International to craft the message and the call to action. The Pavilion welcomed and engaged guests even before they walked through the door. Spread throughout the queue, guests found a series of Q.R. tags and the invitation to scan them with their smart phones. Some of these tags connected the guests to a series of questions – and further down the line to the answers – and were an invitation to play a group or family game as the guests worked their way to the main entrance. In addition to a giant water screen in the pre-show, a large format (almost 70 foot wide) film screen spread across the front of the main theater offering the opportunity for a range of visual experiences – from smaller images to layered collages of multiple images or single vast panoramas. Based on research and collaboration with EarthEcho International, this show evolved with orchestral precision. Images, music and a flow of scientific and educational information about the ocean were woven together into a visually and emotionally powerful exploration of America’s relationship to the ocean, the challenges we face and the power of the human spirit to achieve great things.
  • Client

    USA Pavilion

  • Country

    Yeosu, Korea

  • Date Completed

    MAY, 2012

  • Project Type

    USA Pavilion

  • Services

    Blue Sky Development, Content & Story Development, Show & Exhibit Design, Media & Interactive Design, Design Development, Architectural Design, Media & Interactive Design, Project Management, Operational Programming

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