Union Station 360

Los Angeles, CA


Exploring LA, one experience at a time

The Hettema Group was invited to create a media event to invite visitors to explore Los Angeles and to celebrate venerable Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.  Combining interactive digital media on a spherical touch screen, with a dazzling sound and light show over a 10 day period in July, the temporary installation drew unprecedented numbers of visitors to become part of this thrilling and engaging event. The show starts with three Archway Projections, featuring oversized media of an on-coming train and the interior of the resplendent architectural masterpiece that is Union Station.  The Main Show happened in the Cinematic Garden, or the central courtyard at the Station.  Here, the sphere media and overhead projections combine to create the Hollywood Classic- visual depictions of Hollywood landmarks and trademarks.  The media transforms into LA Tapestry, showing the vast diversity of this great city.  The exhibition integrated countless iconic visuals of Los Angeles together, mirroring the brilliant, complex city it is.
  • Client

    LA MTA

  • Country

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Date Completed

    JULY, 2016

  • Project Type

    Interactive Media Installation

  • Services

    Concept Development, Media and Interactive Design, Media and Interactive Production, Exhibit Design

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