Beyond All Boundaries

New Orleans, Louisiana


A Ground-Breaking Presentation

A five-year project – from concept to design and production – by The Hettema Group’s creative team incorporates state-of-the-art special effects, immersing the audience in a unique cinematic experience. With life-sized props, animation, and atmospherics, as well as archival footage and sound effects, audiences will feel the tank treads rumbling across North Africa’s deserts, brush snow from their cheeks during the wintry Battle of the Bulge, and flinch at anti-aircraft fire as it tries to bring down their B-17 on a bombing run over Nazi Germany. Dwarfing large screens in most traditional movie theaters, the Solomon Victory Theater screen at The National WWII Museum is 120 feet wide and 30 feet high. Nine digital cinema DLP projectors, plus a full scrim screen, create a multi-layered spectacle for viewers. The full surround custom audio system features 27 speakers transporting audiences with the sounds of the jungle, a B-17’s engine roar, bombs dropping, tanks rolling, and more. Theatrical effects include an anti-aircraft gun that rises, rotates and appears to fire above the audience, a 25-foot guard tower that rises ominously before the audience from a deep pit below the stage, and a B-17 aircraft nose lowering from overhead rigging directly above the audience. “Beyond All Boundaries” was commissioned by The National WWII Museum and led by Phil Hettema and The Hettema Group’s creative design team.  Since the premiere, attendance has soared at the museum.  In addition to a 2010 Thea Award from the Themed Entertainment Association, the American Association of Museums honored “Beyond All Boundaries” with the prestigious 2010 MUSE Gold Award for Multimedia Installation.
  • Client

    National WW II Museum

  • Country

    New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Date Completed

    November, 2009

  • Project Type

    Immersive Theater

  • Services

    Blue Sky Development, Content & Story Development, Master Planning, Show & Exhibit Design, Media & Interactive, Design Development, Architectural Design, Attraction Procurement, Media & Interactive Production, Project Management, Operational Programming.

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