High Roller Observation Wheel

Las Vegas, Nevada


The Tallest Observation Wheel in the World

The Las Vegas landscape is decorated with audacious structures and forms, the best of which are bold, evocative and enticing, drawing visitors by the millions because they simply must be seen to be believed. The High Roller, the tallest observation wheel in the world, at 550 feet, is certain to provide the absolute best views of the entertainment capital of the world.  No trip to Vegas is complete without taking a spin on the High Roller – a 30-minute entertainment experience that delivers far more than spectacular views. On this mega-wheel, each cabin is like a mini- showroom, complete with music and theatrical lighting. The High Roller queue and pre-show provides the perfect complement to the incredible vertical adventure that guests experience in the main attraction. Using humor, a fluid, interactive party environment and a technological spine, guests become digital participants in this uniquely Las Vegas experience.
  • Client

    Caesar’s Entertainment, Inc.

  • Country

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Date Completed

    March, 2014

  • Project Type

    Observation Wheel

  • Services

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