Hello Kitty Park

Anji, China


Hello Kitty Theme Park

The Hettema Group was contracted in 2010 by the Sanrio Corporation (the owners of Hello Kitty) to provide the initial concept and schematic design for a Hello Kitty theme park that was, at that time, under consideration for a location in China.  While THG is proud of the creative efforts that were completed in 2011, THG was not a part of the development team that constructed the park that opened in Anji, China. Based on our interactions with Hello Kitty and all of her charming friends, THG is certain that she brings delight and happiness to every region that she inhabits.  She enlivens every corner of the world with her love of nature and her unique brand of pure-hearted fun.
  • Client

    Sanrio Corporation

  • Country

    Anji, China

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